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Spanish Blokart Open 2016 Results
Spanish Blokart Open 2016 Results

Winners? Many.

Everybody wins every time we gather together to run and enjoy.

In summary

After a Friday of intense training and making contact with the track, on Saturday woke up early and started racing after the scrutiny and initial briefing.

The first races with light wind tested the technique (and patience) of all drivers. As always in Landsailing BCN wind, if there is, up to noon, so we took to complete 5 races per class.

Naifstreefood provided a hearty meal that gave us strength to harness the wind in the afternoon and reach the 11 races for medium, heavy and superheavy; and 8 regattas for light and fly.

On Sunday, more relaxed, was reserved for lighter and to give opportunity to the heavier so they could enjoy a few extra races. But the wind decided not to appear and had to settle for the 19 races on Saturday.

The level of the pilots was exceptional, as we have, apart from the Spanish elite, with Erick Wulff in SuperHeavy, Hervé Perrot and Reinhard Kranz Medium and Christel Kranz in Light. We also had the satisfaction of seeing run in an international competition for the first batch of pilots from Landsailing BCN blokart Club.

A wise move was to run all pilots in Production class, making more entertaining races and giving opportunity to the rookies to increase considerably.

Thanks to all who attended, pilots, judges, timekeepers, companions and families. And we are also grateful to the one who couldn’t come but they followed us closely.

Ah! You can see the awards photos gallery this link:

Here you will find the classification, congratulations to all the winners


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