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A luxury race commitee for the European Championship 2017 blokart

The European championship of Blokart 2017 will be governed by the IBRA 5th edition published in July 2015 ( ). Although as all the pilots you know this regulation can be modified by means of the Regata, already published in this web or in the briefing of pilots at the beginning of the competition.

In this edition of the European championship that will be staying at the LandSailing BCN facilities we could not count on a better team for the race commitee. The people in charge of that the races and all the competition reach great level will be:

Lieven Marques as Race Director. Lieven belongs to the Blokart Club Nederland and the Belgian Blokart Club. In his record of the EBA you will find his extensive sporting achievements.

Nick Glynn , will be the Assistant Race Director. Nick belongs to the British Land Sailing Association (The BLSA) look at his record here.

Another member of the British Land Sailing Association (The BLSA) will be the chief Scrutineer, Chris Moore. Chris will be responsible for the scrutineering. All karts in competition must comply with the IBRA Rules 5th edition. The scrutineering is performed before the races and it can take place any time at random. If you decide to run with “dubious” equipment your protest will be handled at the end of the day and you might be retroactively disqualified from the competition. If you want to know more about Chris click here.

And finally and no less important, Torsten Wullf that belongs to Danks Blokart Forening will chair the protest committee. We would like to avoid protest as much as possible, but if it is really necessary and unavoidable, you can protest by contacting him who will provide the appropriate forms and will charge the protest fee. A protest can be lodged up to one hour after the announcement of the provisional results of the race in question.

With this team, what can go wrong? Let’s enjoy it a lot.

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