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The races at the European Blokart Championship 2017

The blokart competition is distinguished in two classes:

  • Production “: blokart without modifications or accessories that improve its performance beyond the features that are delivered from the factory ready to run. All modifications and accessories that are necessary to adapt to the anthropometry and injury or illness of the pilot are allowed.
  • Performance “: unmodified blokart that has been improved performance with accessories of this class, the main ones are the “POD” or fairing, which increases the aerodynamic coefficient by about 10 % And carbon mast sections, which replace those of fiberglass giving greater rigidity and performance to the sail. As in “Production”, any modification or accessory to compensate the driving of drivers with reduced mobility is contemplated in the international regulation.

In the European Blokart Championship 2017 in Barcelona, ​​there will be races in the Production and Performance classes. Each class will be divided into divisions, determined by the weight of the pilot:

  • Fly – up to 55 kg
  • Light – from 55 kg to 70 kg
  • Middle – from 70 kg to 82.5 kg
  • Heavy – from 82.5 kg to 95 kg
  • Superheavy – over 95 kg

A minimum number of competitors is not required to form a division. If there are too many blokarts in a division to run safely as a single group, the division will be divided into separate groups. This will be determined by the Race Committee and will be announced In the pilot briefing and posted on the information board.

Weighing process:

  • All competitors will be weighed at the time of registration wearing dry clothes and shoes. Competitors will not carry extra weights.
  • The IBRA A5 second paragraph will not apply, so 1.5 kg will NOT be added to the competitors’ weight.

Career Format

  • A regatta consists of: 2 minutes of dial up and 8 minutes of regatta.
  • The route and the marks will be described in pilot briefing, and can be modified during the day.
  • Minimum of 3 regattas per category.
  • No maximum number of races.
  • Pilots with reduced mobility and so designated can be helped by the assistants of the court judges during a race (axles and dorsal will be marked with orange tape). Attendance may not exceed what a trained pilot is able to do.
  • The trophies will be awarded for 1st, 2nd and 3rd places by division and by class.
  • A discard will be allocated after the first 4 races and subsequently after every 6 races (for example, 11 races = 2 discards).

Start / Finish Procedure

  • The race starts immediately after completing the previous race. Pilots with their blokarts must be in the starting zone 2 minutes before their start.
  • Blokarts of the next round should not enter the court until the judge says so. The sequence of batches will be posted on the bulletin board or announced by the race committee.
  • The output box rule will apply.
  • The visual signal (flag) will always prevail over all other signals. All other signals (sound, countdown clock, transponder system) are auxiliary to the flags.
  • A system with sound and lights will be used as an aid to the exit procedure.
  • The exit procedure will be the one specified by the IBRA Rules and will be complemented by audible signals In the output box.
  • The exit procedure will be explained in the first pilot briefing.

Flags and what they mean

  • Raised black flag – A few seconds before the 2-minute preparatory signal (intermittent sound)
  • Black flag lowered – 2 minute preparatory signal (long sound)
  • Raised green flag – 1 minute (sound)
  • Horizontal green flag – 30-second countdown
  • Countdown of 10 seconds (beep per second)
  • Green flag down – Race start
  • Checkered flag lifted – Running time (long beep) is over
  • Checkered flag shown to each rider crossing the finish line: the rider must go to the designated area to wait for the next race or leave the rink.

Registration and Registration

We remind you that until July 31 :

  • Older than 18 years: 150 euros
  • Children under 18 years: 60 euros

Entries confirmed after 31 July and until 1 September at 22:00

  • Older than 18 years: 200 euros
  • Children under 18 years: 60 euros
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