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Equipment rental

Land Sailing BCN aims to be a meeting and training place for those licensed pilots.

If you do not own a kart or you are not bringing it with you can rent a full equiped kart in our facilities:

  • Full equipment and access to facilities:
    • 1 hour — 20€
    • 10 hours bonus — 170€
    • Weekend  — 120 €
      (friday afternoon – saturday – sunday morning)
  • Only for LandSailing BCN club members:
    • 1 hour — 15 €.
    • 10 hours bonus — 120 €

Are you interesed?

Call us at 34 676 467 164,
or leave a message here.

Openning Hours

  • January - February - March: Thursday till Sunday, from 10 till sunset
  • April - May: closed for maintenance of the track
  • June - July - August - September: Tuesday till Sunday, from 10 till sunset
  • October - November -Desember: Thursday till Sunday, from 10 till sunset

Remember! You should always book to ensure the availability of the track.
Bookings: +34 676 467 164 (*)

(*) This calendar can be modified under Barcelona City Hall needs.


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Land Sailing Racing Course

Land Sailing Racing Course

We offer a fun and easy way to develop the skills necessary to the practice of Land Sailing.
Access Abono

Access Abono

If you are a licensed pilot come, visit us and sail in LandSailing BCN.
Equipment Rental

Equipment rental

Are you coming without kart? We offer you the full equipment for rental to train whenever you wish.
Team Training Stage

Team Training Stage

Come with your team and enjoy an intensive "stage" of training with accommodation option in full board.
To Be A Member

To be a member

To belong to the LandSailing BCN family is plenty of advantatges.
Licensed Pilots

Licensed pilots

We offer a place to train, learn and enjoy. Find out about our hours abono, equipped rental car or stage with your team.
Disabled People

Disabled People

You can enjoy an outdoor activity l'whatever your physical condition. All equal under the wind.

Between the beach and the Barcelona Forum of Cultures, an esplanade asphalt and gravel of 300 x 200 meters is located, the 'marine platform' which forms a small peninsula stuck at sea.

Its exceptional location allows the prevailing winds come clean, and its dimensions make it be a safe and enjoyable track for beginners to start in the landsailing.

Advanced pilots will find a fast training track,  fully configurable, allowing them to train all year round, regardless of weather conditions.

LandSailing BCN Activities
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