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Land Sailing Racing Course

The course “Land Sailing Racing” is a fun and easy way to develop the necessary skill for land sailing.

This course will enable you to navigate automously in any landsailing track and get the knowledge necessary to apply for a license recognized by international competition FISLY and IBRA.

Requirements: Basic knowledge of navigation on land or have completed a session initiation school.

Duration: 6 h theoretical. + 10h practice.

Timming: Saturday and Sunday from 11:00 till 14:00. In the afternoons (from 15 to 20 hours) will practice what they learned. Total hours of practice will be completed for another weekend at agreed times, if necessary.

Price: € 250 per person. (*)

(*) The price includes rental car, gloves, helmet and track use for practical sessions.

Interesting advantatges if you are member of LandSailing Club

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Arranged times

Academic Program

  • Knowing all the rules and legislation related to the sport.
  • Depth knowledge of the material used.
  • Optimize navigation in all directions and at different wind conditions and terrain.
  • About Racing:
    • Knowing the rules and rights of way.
    • Optimize output and buoy steps.
    • Understand the importance of the individual tactics and team racing.
    • Taking care of your material
      • The yachting
      • Accessories
      • Pilot Equipment
    • Navigation
      • Wind
      • Application to a land sailing
    • Security
      • Static security
      • Dynamic security
  • Legislation
  • Competition
    • International Structure
    • Pilot Licenses
    • Racetrack
    • regattas
    • Competition regulations. FISLY and IBRA
    • Compete solo
    • Racing Team


10h. to implement everything learned:

  • navigation in all directions and at different courses
  • racing
  • specific training of fleet outings
  • arrivals,
  • sailing regatta
  • pass preferences

The teaching program Land Sailing BCN is accredited by the International Land and Sand Yachting Federation (FISLY), coordinator of land sailing worldwide and international championships, and the Spanish Association of Land Sailing (AEC), a federation of clubs Land Sailing in Spain. ACS is authorized to issue licenses FISLY competition in Spain, both for drivers and for monitors and professional judges.

Our school is also recognised by Spanish Blokart Association (AEB) member of the European blokart Association (EBA) and the International Blokart Racing Association (IBRA) which are coordinating the national and international competition in the blokart class.

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