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Thinking too much? Just give it a try!


Initiation Sessions

From Tuesday to Sunday, we offer 60 minutes introductory sessions from 30 to 60 euros per person.

You can choose what time you wish to come, we start at 12 noon

Staff rest Monday.

Keep in mind
  • Land Sailing is a safe, fast and accessible for all audiences.
  • Bring comfortable clothes, sun glasses  and the mood to enjoy.
  • We will take care of the rest: helmet, gloves, insurance, the mini-yatch and the qualified instructor by FISLY and AEC (Spanish Land Sailing Association).

If you record your session while you run, you'll have a memory that it will last forever. We usually take pictures for you, look up some examples in Google+ or  LandSailing BCN Channel in Youtube.


Pax Pvp/pax Duration
1 60€ 60′
2 50€ 60′
3 or 4 40€ 60′
from 5 a 8 30€ 60′

There is an session for you...

Land Sailing Racing Course

Land Sailing Racing Course

We offer a fun and easy way to develop the skills necessary to the practice of Land Sailing.
Try It!

Try it!

You’ll be moving in a few minutes powered only by the wind, no noise, no gasoline… try it with some friends, couple. No matter your physical condition.
Disabled People

Disabled People

You can enjoy an outdoor activity l'whatever your physical condition. All equal under the wind.
Grand Prix Race

Grand Prix Race

For big groups, the Grand Prix Race is a regatta where the participants taste the thrill of land sailing competition.
Family Pack

Family Pack

The whole family will enjoy this 60 minutes session. A pleasant sport for your kids that you also will love to practice.
Blokart Rides

Blokart Rides

In sidecar with an instructor, you can experience the sensations that gives you the land sailing. You will find that is simple, fast and exciting.

The concept is very simple. A landsailing mini-yacht  is a kart with three wheels and a sail. After a few minutes of basic management concepts and a few laps around the track under the watchful eye of the instructor, just wait for the sea breeze and start rolling.

Our karts, are blokart mini-yachts. They are handled with hands, and is very easy to learn and suitable for all audiences and ages.

Why we choose Blokart? Blokart International LTD, is a company that has over 10 years dedicated to innovation in design, manufacturing land yachts. All aspects have been extensively studied and tested to ensure maximum comfort, safety, fun and performance possible.

To watch some more videos visit our Youtube channel:

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Relax and have fun. We take care of the mini-yacht, the safety and the equipment.

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