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We learn and improve training together.

LandSailing BCN Club Esportiu (LSBCN CE) wants to accommodate licensed pilots who start and train periodically in our track.

Actually, the Club aims:

  • Promote grassroots sport.
  • Create a Local Blokart League.
  • Compite in the Nacional Blokart League.
  • Prepare and train the pilots who can represent us in the international competitions.
  • Provide beneficial conditions to its members for the Land Sailing BCN School services and formation.
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2013_Europeo Blokart 2013-024
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Club LandSailing BCN

The Club "LandSailing BCN Sports Club" is a non-profit sports association that aims to disseminate and sport Sailing Rhodes (Land Sailing, Carrovelisme).

It is recognized by the Generalitat of Catalonia and registered in the Registry of Sport Organizations. It belongs to the Spanish Land Sailing Association (AEC), which is the official representative of the sport before the International Sailing Federation Rhodes (FISLY) and the International Federation of the class Blokart (IBRA).

Linking LandSailing BCN School and Club

Although they share the name, they are entirely separate but complementary entities.

The school manages the track and the financial resources necessary to maintain the continuity of the facilities. The school gives the club facilities during the specified times, and the club, in exchange for collaborating with the school paying an annual fee for each driver.

Join Land Sailing BCN Club

On this link you will find the aplication form.
If you have any doubts call us
+34 676 467 164 o leave us a message.

Openning Hours

  • January - February - March: Thursday till Sunday, from 10 till sunset
  • April - May: closed for maintenance of the track
  • June - July - August - September: Tuesday till Sunday, from 10 till sunset
  • October - November -Desember: Thursday till Sunday, from 10 till sunset

Remember! You should always book to ensure the availability of the track.
Bookings: +34 676 467 164 (*)

(*) This calendar can be modified under Barcelona City Hall needs.

LandSailing BCN Activities
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