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The weather, a key factor

Barcelona offers a typically Mediterranean climate with pleasant temperatures and good weather all year round. A temperate climate that provides on average of 300 days of good land sailing conditions.

At our track, the variability of wind conditions allows teams to train in all kinds of weather situations.

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From the north: Highway AP-7 from France (La Junquera). Highway C58 (Manresa-Barcelona). Highway AP-2
From the west: Highway AP-2 from Madrid and Zaragoza
From the south: Highway AP-7 from Alicante and Valencia – 

More information:

Barcelona – Sants (correspondence Metro L3, L5 and coach station): Trains of short, medium and long distance: National and International AVE from Madrid, Zaragoza, Málaga and Sevilla.

Hours 6:00 to 22:00h approx. – Telephone Customer Renfe. 0034 902 320 320

Port of Barcelona:

Regular connections to several European and African cities

Grandi Navi Veloci:

Barcelona Airport (El Prat): located 20 km from the city connections to downtown

Aerobus every 5 min:
Line 46:
Train every 30 min:

Girona Airport: located 100 km from Barcelona.Connections bus to Barcelona-Estacio del Nord, (correspondence Metro L1)

Buses scheduled according flight times (8:30 to 00:15 h).

Reus Airport: Located 95 km from Barcelona.Connections bus to Barcelona Sants, correspondence Metro L3, L5)

Buses scheduled according to the time of flight (from 10:45 to 23:15 h).

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